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I dream of a world filled with big cams, wide cracks, and breakfast burritos. While most people find offwidths to be uncomfortable and painful, I believe that hanging from my feet, chicken wings, and heel-toes is a beautiful, mostly graceful, style of climbing.  

I have been climbing for five years. My brother in law introduced me to sport climbing, and together we learned the basics and pushed each other to climb a little harder and climb a little further. After a few years of clipping bolts, I decided that learning how to climb cracks was the next step for my progression. I met a local crack climber who was excited to help me learn. Changing from sport to crack climbing was really challenging for me. I had never pushed myself harder, or been more discouraged.

Thankfully, I had an amazing partner and mentor, who was there every step of the way. Within crack climbing I discovered offwidths. I loved everything about them. The technique came pretty easily to me, as I was a dancer before a climber.

Over the past couple of years I have been focused on learning the art and technique of offwidth climbing. I have ascents of offwidth routes such as Trench Warfare (5.13), Jaws of Flesh (5.13), Bigg’s Crack (5.12), and Dark Passenger (5.12). On top of repeating some beautiful routes I have also been establishing new offwidths with my climbing partner, Daniel Parker, which include Wapiti Crack (5.13a), Weeko Tatonka (5.12), No Bodies Here (5.11b), Velocicracktor (5.11a), and a couple of offwidth boulders as well. 

While accomplishing my goals and seeing myself develop as a climber is rewarding, I have found that there are many other amazing things in my life because of climbing. I have met so many beautiful people and made many close friends through climbing. I get to travel to beautiful places, stand on top of cliffs, and sleep under the stars. I found my passion, my happy thought, and so many things along the way.
To find out more, check me out on Instagram @ashleyreva


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