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benhannabio1.jpgI am climber. I have seen the world through this incredible activity from New Mexico, where I develop routes for others to climb, to Arco, Italy, where I have competed in the World Championships. Travelling and meeting people from all over the world with the same interest is an opportunity I would have never realized, if it wasn’t for climbing. These experiences have shaped the person I am today. When I think back on just my last year of climbing I feel fortunate to have competed with some of the greatest climbers in the United States, from Jimmy Webb, Chris Sharma and Daniel Woods at Psicobloc, to Nathaniel Coleman at US Open Nationals. Outside of competitions, my passions lie in route development in New Mexico and climbing all over the world. I think developing routs outside has definitely helped me as an all-around climber. It gave me a new perspective for looking at climbs.

Everything about climbing has its own bonus. Even the constant failure is teaching me something about my level of resilience. Learning how to understand and recover from failure has certainly helped me take on bigger challenges in my life, in a fearless way, even outside of climbing. Youth climbing has done so much for me, so I try to give back by working with the little kids at the gym whether their doing a camp or on one of the teams. I never know if they listen to anything I have to say, but I try to give as much guidance as I can.

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