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Fred Flin”Stone” Feet


Maybe the best fitting shoes I have worn in a really long time. I had the opportunity to test the Butora Acro and I have been thoroughly impressed with the build and design of this shoe. It comes in two different widths which is a huge benefit to me and my Fred Flinstone shaped feet.

I am really excited about some of the design features of this model. My favorites being the aggressive downward turned toe, the high tensioned heel rand, and the large amount of rubber on the top of the foot for toe hooks and extra friction in cracks. They are built of a combination of synthetic and natural leather. I think this will allow the shoe to break in nicely without getting too stretched out. My biggest complaint about most synthetic uppers in shoes is they have a tendency of creating some very odoriferous experiences over time usually alienating climbing partners, family, and man's best friend. I think the Acro will help solve this problem.

The fit of the shoe is excellent. I find no gaps or pockets of air that seemed to be what plagued me with other shoe companies. The shoe is perfectly snug. I found that it had no slippage on aggressive heel hooks. The Acros held tiny edges and smeared wonderfully. I am really excited about these shoes.

Sometime in the near future there will be a demo at Wild Walls so keep your eyes out for the chance to try them yourself.

George Hughbanks

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