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My first week with the Acros. By: Mitch Vernon


First initial opening from the box.

The first time I wore the Acros was summer of last year. I don't believe the Acros were out yet, or they were still a demo model. I'm actually very impressed with the craftsmanship of the shoe. The stitching is very nice on the interior of the shoe. There is no noticeable defects, and no noticeable feel of the stitching from the interior of the shoe. (Other brands were notorious for having really thick stitching at the toe, it bugged the shit out of me.)There is no noticeable over gluing around the soles, and no protruding rubber. 

Breaking them in.

So I've worn the shoes 3 times this week, one time in the gym and two times outside. It's sort of odd, but its either this shoe fits my foot perfectly, or there is very little break in period. I have no problem instantly trusting the shoe on small jibs. I have a VERY wide forefoot but a really skinny heel. I've worn just about every shoe in the industry trying to find the correct fit. I really pushed through the first session and wore the shoes the whole time with out taking them off, which is unheard of for me. Usually I'm walking around like an old crippled lady in climbing shoes.The top cushion of the shoes is stupid comfortable. You guys need to get with the industry standard, don't you know aggressive climbing shoes are NOT supposed to be comfortable? I really like the thin rubber on the top. It's excellent for toe hooking. Too may companies add crazy thick rubber and its impossible to feel anything while toe-hooking. The strap design appears to be quality (Unlike other brands). I like the single strap, but how the Velcro is wider so you can adjust the strap to be very comfortable on the forefoot.

My favorite aspects of the Acros.

The mesh portion under the strap is my favorite part. These shoes are SO easy to get on and off. I have specifically worn another top brand for 3 years. I had to bring 2 carabiners to grab both the rear straps just to get my foot in the shoe every time. I ripped 4 pairs of teams doing this. I eventually gave up. For aggressive shoes, these are a resolers dream shoe. I LOVE that you guys used a split sole. The huge problem with most shoes using a full sole is when they get resolved, most people go for a half sole, which cuts the sole losing all rubber tension under the foot and through the heel. So your downturn shoes turn into flat shoes.The heel is excellent, not baggy and flimsy like the other shoes I have had, I feel comfortable using all sides of the heel, and when I press directly down it doesn't feel like a dirty sponge on my heel. I have mainly been using these are hard overhung problems, I haven't tried very much slab or common moderates. So far I'm really excited about the shoes. They fit very well. 

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