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Blog - Dave Rosen

Dave Rosen Gets “In Touch” with Nature

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If you have been climbing for more than a few years you have probably stopped at some point to think about why it is that you climb, and what hooked you on climbing in the first place. For me, it was the people that taught me how to climb and the organization that we were involved in, that had a unified goal to protect and preserve crags throughout South Korea (http://www.kotri.org/).

When I talked to Butora Athlete Dave Rosen about what motivated him I was reminded that we all have different reasons for climbing. Dave Rosen has been canyoneering and climbing with his father since before he was a teenager in the Clear Creek Range. Now, as an adult, he heads out to search for untouched boulders to develop.

Not everyone has this urge within them to develop new climbing. Why does Dave? Why don’t you or I spend our time out there doing the same thing Dave does?

We probably don’t go out to develop routes and boulders, because it is a thankless job that takes countless hours of work and a passion directed at creation. Maybe Dave does it because he was introduced to climbing through the outdoors and family. Perhaps there is a greater appreciation for the creation process when you are first introduced to the creation of something outside your comprehension in the natural formations of a desert landscape.

Whatever the motivation, I would like to thank Dave Rosen and all the other developers for giving us all something to spray about before, during and after our climb. Without the developers, we wouldn’t be able to go out and test our crash course gym skills in the unpredictable wild.

It might be worth taking some time today to think about why it is that you climb. Do you do it for the pleasure of moving across intriguing landforms? Do you do it for the wonderful community that can be found in climbing, or is it for the thrill of attacking challenging situations head on?

If that is too much to think about, just watch the sweet video below of Dave showcasing the results of his creation process.

”I've been going to the Grand Staircase for the past 10 years to canyoneer. It offers some of the most beautiful, untouched, and unexplored areas in the U.S. Two years ago, on a hike out of a canyon, I noticed a valley full of boulders. Ever since then it's been in the back of my mind, but I just hadn't made it a huge priority to get back down. Recently, I was able to get back down, and realized what a gem this area was. There are literally thousands of untouched sandstone blocks. Because the area is so low traffic, you really feel in touch with nature and the area when you're down there. This is a climbing oasis in the middle of a vast untouched desert.”

~Dave Rosen

To find out more about Dave Rosen you can always check him out on Instagram @daveclimbsrocks or at http://butorausa.com/dave-rosen/

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