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I am a climber from Los Angeles, California, and where I grew up, climbing wasn’t really as popular as other sports. But ever since I was little, I loved climbing around on everything.  I discovered climbing walls at amusement parks, summer camps, and birthday parties, and finally joined the Rock Warriors climbing team at Rockreation, West LA.  Soon after that, I started competing when I was ten years old. There is so much that I enjoy about competing: the challenge, the training, and the travelling to different places around the country and climbing with other people who love the sport.

In addition to competing, I also enjoy climbing outdoors. I like to climb outdoors because it’s so refreshing and peaceful being out in nature. There also aren’t all the distractions there are indoors, and I feel more connected and focused. Some of my favorite places to climb are Malibu Creek, Horse Flats, Bishop, and Hueco Tanks. 

Though it is challenging to balance training on top of school and other extracurricular activities, I’m able to work it out so that I can still train as hard as I can. Having to work out my training schedule has helped me improve my prioritizing and time management. I think that this is one of the many challenges of rock climbing that have helped me grow. Another is the failure 
faced when I don’t climb as well as I wanted or I get injuries that prevent me from climbing. These failures just make me want to train harder and become a better climber.

If you would like to find out more, check me out on Instagram @elizabeth_endo 



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