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jeremyfullertondemo.jpgI am a boulderer. Originally from New Jersey, I have been living in Colorado for the last 2 years because there is a little more climbing out here. I have been climbing for 9 years and it is all that I think about. It has taken me all over the country, and I imagine, with my dreams and goals, it will take me around the world.

I climbed my first double digit boulder problem after 6 years of climbing and since then have managed to climb another 80 double digit climbs. I get around. Climbing has introduced me to some of the most positive and psyched people I have ever meet in my life. So I generally just hang out with climbers. We are definitely some of the most tolerant and welcoming people on the planet.

I have seen people come and go in climbing, but almost 10 years after I started, the same drive is still there for me and I assume it always will be. It is my passion in life at this moment and when I'm passionate about something it's all I care about and it's all I want to do. 

Outdoor climbing is where it's at... there's nothing better than topping out a perfect boulder with naturally sculpted holds. Indoor climbing for me is more about the social experience and training for the outdoors.  

I've currently been bouldering 100% of my time for the past year or so, but I generally like to switch it up between Sport climbing and Bouldering depending on what goals I'm working towards. 

If you would like to check out what I’m currently up to check in @jeremy_fullerton


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