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kennyhillburn-bio-01.jpgI am a climber from Oklahoma! I found climbing late in life. I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to climb on top of the grain silos in Oklahoma City. These grain silos used to house Rocktown Climbing Gym. From the first time that I pulled on a huge hug I was instantly in love, all of a sudden it was all I could think about and all that I wanted to do. I eventually learned to lead climb within a few months and began training to go outside. I began climbing slab in the Wichitas and started trad climbing there too. I loved the sense of adventure and being outside.

Despite not having climbed long I'm constantly trying to push myself and my friends. I am so stoked for the Oklahoma climbing community! They are great people and hard climbers. They keep me constantly motivated to be a better human and a better climber. Recently I competed in the 12 hours of Horseshoe hell competition. I was able to send 54 pitches in 12 hours.

I've been focused on bouldering recently. I love the strength and power it takes for someone my size (5’5, 120lbs) to send some of these problems. I currently Boulder v5 and red point on 6&7 I hope to get my first seven by the end of this year!

To check in on how I am doing, find me @sendtober


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