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samenright-image-01.jpgsamenright-image-02.jpgMy name is Sam Enright.  I am 17 years old and I currently live in the Northeast.  I started climbing because of my Dad and his brain-child, Metrorock Rock Climbing Centers.  Since its opening in 2006, it has become a second home to me.  After joining the youth team in 2009, I decided on the rest of my life right then and there.  Since then, I have made the US Climbing Team on two occasions and have pushed my limits on rock as well, having completed classics such as The Mandala (V12) on my 2nd try and flashing Riviera (5.13d).

Ever since I started climbing, it has always been about what I feel in the present moment, and not the completion of a route, or boulder. When you complete a hard climb, you don't just do the moves; you feel every tiny aspect that needs to be perfect in order to succeed. When all of my focus is directed at the completion of a boulder, or a movement, I lose sight of what I am doing in the present.  I have learned from great competitors to focus on how a move feels through the movement, and be patient with it.  Even in my 8 years of climbing experience, I would not consider myself to be "great", but the moments when I can make my peripheral thoughts take a step back and just climb are the moments when I know I can be among the greats one day.

It has taken me years of learning the subtleties of movement to get to where I am now, and after almost a decade of climbing I feel like my best years and climbs are out there waiting for me.

Check me out on instagram: @smenright1


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