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  • The Gomi is the most comfortable down turned shoe we make. You can climb longer with little discomfort, right out of the box.
  • The Gomi just fits like it was made for you; less worrying about your shoes, more focus on climbing.
  • The Gomi is a bit softer, allowing you to feel everything. Friction and control allows you stand on volumes and micro holds better than ever.
  •  Ask a resoler which brand of shoes they like to resole the most, we are pretty confident Butora will be at the top of the list. Our shoes are very well made, so you can resole them, get years out of each pair, and put that money saved towards your next climbing trip.

The Butora Gomi is a comfortable down-turned performance climbing shoe wrapped in our ​NEO Fuse​ sticky rubber that is best suited for sport climbing and bouldering. The Gomi gets back to our tradition of carefully pairing comfort with performance. The Gomi is marginally softer than our other aggressive models and is a completely new last built from the ground up. Some of the features found on the Gomi include:

  • ​Butora's own ​NEO ​Fuse Sticky Rubber (4mm Outsole)
  • Large thin sticky rubber toe patch for excellent sensitivity and grip while toe hooking
  • Power Rand rear rand that transfers power to the forefoot and toebox
  • High tension heel rand brings the power to where you need it
  • 3D Molded heal cup that tucks under rear rand for durability

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