10 Things Kids Can Learn From Climbing

10 Things Kids Can Learn From Climbing

As a fun competitive exercise, climbing is really popular among adults. But what most people don’t realize is that kids can get a lot out of climbing, too! Lots of kids choose to have their birthday party or special events at a climbing gym. While that’s great, making climbing a part of their lifestyle is an even better way to get kids to learn these ten important lessons.

1. Leadership. Climbing is all about taking control, working in a team, trusting yourself and getting to know others. When kids work in a team like they do when they are climbing, they learn valuable leadership skills that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

2. Reliance. The flip side of leadership is knowing when to let others take control. Climbing requires putting a lot of trust and control in others’ hands. That’s not easy for most kids—and even adults!

3. Nutrition. You need to be fit to climb. To maintain the proper physique that it takes to be a successful climber, you have to eat well and be healthy. Kids who are exposed to this kind of lifestyle are a lot more likely to eat better and take good care of their bodies.

4. Trust. When climbing, kids need to trust—their instinct, their belayer, the wall, their ropes. Climbing regularly helps kids face their fears and learn to trust in themselves, the people around them and the equipment they use each day.

5. Body Positivity. A lot of kids, especially girls, have different ideas of beauty. But when you’re a climber, beauty is about being strong no matter what size you are! Being around a crowd of healthy, athletic people will positively influence your kid’s self-esteem and self-image.


10 Things Kids Can Learn from Climbing


6. Active Lifestyle. Lifelong habits start from childhood. If a kid is active even when they are young, it is likely that they will want to continue their healthy routine as adults. Climbing is an excellent way to expose kids to exercise and get them to value a fit, active lifestyle.

7. Conservation. When you go climbing outside of the gym, kids get a chance to appreciate the outdoors. This gives them an awareness of the environment and a love for nature. The more time they spend climbing outside, the more they will want to make sure that their playground is kept clean and free of danger.

8. Confidence. In the climbing world, nothing is more fulfilling than getting to the top. But it takes a lot to get there. Kids who work hard and reap the rewards will develop confidence and learn to love themselves at the same time.

9. Friendship. Relationships are an important part of climbing. When a child climbs with someone, they develop a bond with their fellow climbers. This type of friendship develops naturally and are very often hard to break.

10. Dedication. It takes months, and sometimes even years, to get really good at climbing. When kids have to work hard to attain their goals, they will learn how to stick to it and follow through. Not only will this kind of dedication help them at the gym, it will also help them in school and in life.

These are just some of the benefits that kids can get from climbing. The best part is, many of these can be achieved after just one session! Whether you go out occasionally or make climbing a habit, kids can learn plenty of things.


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