Coming to a Climbing Gym Near You

Butora Climbing Shoe Demo Schedule

You have seen them in the stores. You have been hearing about them. Maybe you've even been eyeing a pair you want. Now is your chance get your feet into a pair of Butora shoes and see what all the buzz is about. Check the schedule below to see when we are coming to your gym.

Tour Dates

Date Location
Apr 02 Touchstone - Cliffs of Id - Los Angeles, CA
Apr 02 Edgeworks - Tacoma, WA
Apr 03 Touchstone - The Post - Pasadena, CA
Apr 04 Touchstone - Vertigo Boulders - Burbank, CA
Apr 04 Vertical World - Seattle, WA
Apr 09 Edgeworks - Seattle, WA
Apr 09 The Knot Climbing Gym - Gainesville, FL
Apr 11 Edgeworks - Bellevue, WA
Apr 16 Stone Climbing - St. Augustine, FL
Apr 18 Alchemy Climbing - Tallahassee, FL
Apr 29 Agility Boulders - Santa Cruz, CA
Apr 30 Pacific Edge - Santa Cruz, CA
May 01 Rocknasium - Davis, CA
May 02 Granite Arch - Sacramento, CA

Request a Demo

If you own a gym and want to request a demo, please reach out to your Account Manager to make arrangements.

Want to Get Involved?

Butora is looking for climbers like you who are interested in seeking a more active role in the climbing industry. Get compensated for your time by providing occasional demo support to our sales team.Find out more here.