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/Boo·tore·ah/ Exclamation - (Origin Korean) - Persistence, determination; used when telling a climber to go for it, to stick it.

Climbing-Specific Footwear

At Butora, we climb. We love our sport, and it's all that we do. We don't make clothes, ski boots or anything else. We build climbing shoes and shoes to get you to your favorite climbing spot. We focus on climbing-specific footwear, so you don't have to.

Since 2015, James Nam and our whole team at Butora have been proving that high-performance climbing footwear can be comfortable. Solving this problem has been challenging, but it's a problem that we are committed to—building the highest quality, highest performing climbing and approach footwear and making it comfortable.

We're confident you'll enjoy the Butora difference. We are climbers through and through, and we look forward to serving your climbing needs. Because we make everything (including our NEO rubber) in-house, we can make iterative changes that our competitors can not. We love our customers and enjoy hearing feedback on our shoes. While we can't make every recommended change, we certainly do our best.