Definition (lang. Korean) - Persistence, determination;
used when telling a climber to go for it, to stick it.


Butora makes comfortable performance climbing shoes wrapped in NEO Fuse sticky rubber. Our proprietary rubber is best suited for steep sport climbing and bouldering.

NEO Fuse Sticky Rubber is our custom blend ABS injected midsole that maintains the form for the life of the shoe. 


Butora climbing shoes are the highest quality and most comfortable shoes on the market.

Butora is a team comprised solely of climbers that live and love the sport daily. The same people selling you shoes or helping you out at a demo are the guys you see at the crag. We value authenticity and fairness, and ultimately believe that these values will help to bring a great company to life in the United States. Backed by a solid product, the highest quality and most comfortable shoes on the market, and a down to Earth attitude, the goal of the company is to create a diverse community climbers that will help to better the sport while also respecting and preserving its heritage and sacred places.


Butora is committed to deliver the best climbing shoe for every skill level of climber and is dedicated to giving back to the community through outreach, service, and honorable business practices.

Butora, the natural choice for every climber.