5 Advanced Climbing Tips to Take You to the Next Level

5 Advanced Climbing Tips to Take You to the Next Level

Thanks to MRI technology, scientists have learned that no one is immune to the adrenaline rush action that movies give us. With the upcoming release of Free Solo, the documentary about Alex Honnold climbing up one of the world’s most famous rocks, more people are going to be excited about rock climbing.

Whether you’re new to the sport or well-seasoned, there’s always room for improvement. If you want to take your skills to the next level, keep reading to learn five rock climbing techniques you should know about.

Rockin’ Techniques

1. Head Jam

One of the most crafty climbing tips is to use your head. While you should be strategizing every move up, we mean physically use your head.

You don’t have to rely on your arms and legs to propel you upward.

If you find yourself in a tricky spot with a ledge or substantial overhang above you, press your head into the crevice to free your hands. While balancing with your neck and legs, you can reach for the next move.

2. Mantling

Mantling is one of the many advanced rock climbing techniques that even professionals struggle to pull off. This move is helpful for when you’re approaching a surface that is flat, like a summit.

To execute this move, you need to be able to place both hands facing downward on a flat surface. Next, bend your elbows and propel yourself up as if you were trying to get out of a pool with no ladder.

Beginners can kick their leg up and use that momentum to top out.

3. Rock Climbing Techniques to Build Forearm Strength: Gaston

Most climbers keep their hands pointed up. The Gaston technique spices things up by shifting hand placement 90 degrees so your fingers are pointed toward your heart and your elbows are facing out.

This grip is most helpful for navigating technical spots on the climb where footholds are sparse.

Extreme gastons can end with the fingers pointed all the way down. This exercise is excellent for toning your forearms, but it will zap your energy away fast.

Make sure you’re always secure with strong climbing hooks whenever you attempt new techniques.

4. Dyno

The dyno is a move that can make you feel as graceful as a monkey swinging high in the treetops. It’s fast-paced and relies on your entire body being in sync.

Mostly, your legs have to push off their footing hard while your arms stretch up to the next hold. For an instant, you’ll be flying in the air.

This power move should be used when the distance between your current position and next position is too far to reach by stretching.

5. Assisted Foot Lift

The assisted foot lift is exactly what it sounds like. In this move, you use your hand as leverage to pull your leg up higher than it could stretch on its own. The more flexible your hips and joints are, the easier this move will be.

If you spot a great foothold that is waist-high, you can give your foot a boost by using one hand to grab it and lift it to the foothold. You’ll be surprised by how much further you can stretch when you use your arm strength to assist.

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