Ambassador Spotlight | Katlyn Radkay

Ambassador Spotlight | Katlyn Radkay

Hometown: Schererville, IN

Q: What’s your climbing style?

A: Bouldering

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment in climbing, and outside of climbing?

A: My proudest accomplishment in climbing is sending the boulder “Bumboy” at HP40. This boulder was one that I thought I would never finish because of my height. Even though I thought that, I tried to stay positive and kept trying and then out of nowhere I sent it. Outside of climbing my proudest accomplishment is figuring out what I want to do for a career and going back to school to finish my degree.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: What advice would you give to your first year climbing self?

A: I would tell myself to try everything. There are many times where I wouldn’t try a route or a boulder because I thought I wasn’t strong or good enough to do it. I would tell myself that it is okay to fail and learn from it.

Q: Who do you take advice from and why?

A: I like to take advice from anyone that is willing to give me some because I feel like everyone has something to give to another. Most of the time though it is usually from my friends/family that have been through similar experiences because I trust them.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: How has your training for climbing changed in the last year?

A: This past year I have started to train power. I started climbing on the Moon Board and have been using the campus board more consistently.

Q: How has climbing affected the people you choose to surround yourself with?

A: Since I have started climbing most of the people I surround myself with are supportive, positive people who are always great to be around.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: What have you done to give back to the climbing community?

A: I have started coaching for the Youth Team at my local gym and with that have volunteered at a few USA Climbing events. With climbing outside more I am also planning on doing some trail days to help preserve climbing crags.

Q: What have you learned from failure?

A: I have learned that failure is a good thing. If you are not failing on something, then what can you improve on? Failure lets me know how I can make myself a better climber and person.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: Who are the climbers that inspire you the most, and why?

A: Michaela Kiersch inspires me because like her I am pretty short compared to most, but she does not let that stop her. She continues to push limits and gives me the comfort of knowing height doesn’t matter.

Q: What is your favorite climbing location, and why?

A: Horse Pens 40 because there are a lot of unique slopey topouts. I am not very good at slopey topouts so it is nice to work on a weakness. Another reason I like HP40 is that you can camp right next to the boulders and can climb any time of the day.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: Why Butora Climbing?

A: I love Butora because of the people I have made connections within the company. They are super friendly, genuine and Butora seems more like a community rather than just a company.

Q: What are your favorite before and after climbing meals?

A: Before, banana and Nutella sandwiches. After, pizza.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: Pug.

Q: What differences have you found in climbing Narsha versus climbing in Acro?

A: The Narsha rubber is a lot stiffer than it is on the Acro. The Acro will feel more comfortable because of this, but the Narsha allows you to stand on smaller footholds.

Q: What are some tips you would give to new outdoor climbers about crag etiquette?

A: Pack out any trash, gear, etc that you bring in!
Preserve the rock. Some rock should not be climbed on while wet because it can break and fall apart.


Rock Climber Katlyn Radkay


Q: Tips you would give to someone who is stuck on their project? How do you stay motivated when you are stuck?

A: Take a tiny break from it. Sometimes you need a mental break when you are stuck. I will spend a session or two focusing on other routes/boulders or different weaknesses. Then next time I come back to my project I get super psyched to try it again.

Q: How have you overcome fear in climbing (fear of falling, fear of failure, etc.)?

A: I don’t think I will ever overcome my fear of falling(on ropes), but I do try to work on it. When I start to notice myself feeling uncomfortable or scared on a rope route I will push myself to go just a little farther and either I get to the top or I will fall, but either way, it is a step closer to overcoming my fear.

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