Ambassador Spotlight | Nick Chavis

Ambassador Spotlight | Nick Chavis

Hometown: Springfield, MO

Q: What’s your climbing style?

A: Thuggy

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment in climbing, and outside of climbing?
A: It’s hard to dial down a single accomplishment but in climbing it would have to be exploring and climbing first ascents. I gain a lot of pride and motivation from opening new lines! Outside of climbing, I would have to say my proudest moment was when I married my wife Christine, no telling what my life would be like without her!



Q: What advice would you give to your first year climbing self?
A: Train more!

Q: Who do you take advice from and why?
A: I’ve been lucky enough to meet and spend time with a few climbing pioneers recently. They always have a lot of knowledge and I value their advice. Other than that, I rely on my wife and close friends for advice concerning climbing and day-to-day life.

Rock Climber Nick Chavis

Q: How has your training for climbing changed in the last year?
A: It has definitely become a lot more specialized. I find myself training for specific projects and targeting weaknesses. It’s important for me to allow my training to evolve with my own climbing, this keeps things fresh and helps with consistent progress.

Q; How has climbing affected the people you choose to surround yourself with?
A: Most of my friends are climbers, my family is really supportive and most of them climb also. I meet so many cool people through traveling that without climbing I would have a very different social life for sure!
Rock Climber Nick Chavis

Q: What have you done to give back to the climbing community?
A: I coached a youth climbing team for a while and I’ve put a lot of time into expanding the climbing community in Missouri/Arkansas. Over the past few years, I’ve spent loads of time exploring, cleaning, and opening new climbs. Developing is a big part of why I love climbing and it is always great for the local community to have new stuff to try!

Q: What have you learned from failure?
A: I tend to enjoy climbs that are at my physical and mental limit. Because of this about 90% of my average climbing day is failure. I find that through failure I learn a lot about myself, and the harder I fail the better the eventual success feels!

Rock Climber Nick Chavis

Q: Who are the climbers that inspire you the most and why?
A: Climbers like Ben Moon, James Litz, John Gill, Jerry Moffatt, and Fred Nicole are some of my personal climbing heroes. Each of them was pioneers in their day and we can see the results of their vision in today’s climbing culture.

Q: What is your favorite climbing location and why?
A: Arkansas without a doubt, I love sandstone and Ark has some of the best in the country. The area also has an insane potential for new development, other than that I just enjoy the people and culture down there.

Rock Climber Nick Chavis

Q: Why Butora Climbing?
A: Really great climbing products, but more importantly the people I get to work with are incredible and so supportive!

Q: What are your favorite before and after climbing meals?
A: Before, gotta go with a breakfast burrito! After a big day of climbing, we’ll usually grab a pizza.

Q: What is your spirit animal?
A: Hawk? Or a turtle depending on the day. haha

Questions from the Internet

Q: What differences have you found in climbing Narsha versus climbing in Acro?
A: Narsha tends to be stiffer and better for intense edging. Love the Acro for its sensitivity and the steep projects!

Q: What are some tips you would give to new outdoor climbers about crag etiquette?
A: Brush your ticks, pick up after yourself, and pay attention to access issues.

Q: Tips you would give to someone who is stuck on their project? How do you stay motivated when you are stuck?
A: Keep a positive attitude, and sometimes its best to walk away instead of beating your head against something. I find its best to go try some other things then come back with a fresh perspective.

Q: How have you overcome fear in climbing (fear of falling, fear of failure, etc.)?
A: Use it. The adrenaline and struggle is part of what makes climbing so great!


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