Dating A Climber: 10 Things You Need to Know

Dating A Climber: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a big spender, you might want to reconsider starting a serious relationship with a climber. Oh, he’ll spend big, alright—on climbing gear—leaving little to spend on anything else if he’s as genuinely passionate as most serious climbers are! If you’re into a well-groomed guy, you should probably pass on a climber. Dirty hair, crumpled shirt, and that musky smell of sweat after a climb are pretty standard. That won’t change.

On the other hand, we don’t want to give you the impression that climbers aren’t worthy romantic partners. They can clean up really well if the situation required. You just need to be prepared for unique personality traits that tend to be common among the bunch.

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Here are a few things to expect from a climber significant other:

1. You might want to get used to spending more of your free time on the road since most climbers have challenges to conquer in far and remote destinations. They also tend to chase good weather, so you might find yourself going south for the winter along with the birds! On the other hand, if you like the idea of seeing more of the country (the natural side of it, at least), then a climber is the perfect partner for you!

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2. One of a climber’s best traits is the ability to work with, and trust, another person. He or she knows how to rely on others (something that’s essential with climbing partners), but also knows how to be there for somebody else. That’s a good thing in a relationship, right?

3. Whether male or female, climbers are super fit. If you appreciate a nice bod, you’ll love dating one.

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4. Forget about soft caresses. A climber’s hands are a lot of things, but smooth probably isn’t one of them.

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5. Your first weekend away together won’t be spent in a romantic Bed & Breakfast. It’ll most likely involve a tent or an air mattress in the back of a van parked next to a favorite climbing getaway! And if you’re a guy who’s falling for a girl with a passion for climbing, bear in mind that she’ll probably prefer an outdoorsy weekend trip over going to the city to see the sights!

6. You’ll never have boring conversations because climbers are smart and analytical. They have to be to figure out climbing routes and overcome obstacles.

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7. Be prepared to hear your climbing date’s version of the big one—no, not fish—he’s talking about the first 5.13 he sent!

8. If you’re prone to worrying and you like the climber you’re dating, get out now while you still can! She’s not going to stop climbing, which means she’ll be taking significant risks day in and day out. You won’t like it, and she’ll resent it if you start nagging her about “being careful.”

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9. Be prepared to give up modesty early on in the relationship. You’ll be outside and very far away from any public restrooms on most “dates.” When nature calls, you’ll be answering its call in the great outdoors where you don’t have the luxury of privacy.

10. In spite of the frustrations and challenges involved in dating—and loving—a climber, it can be inspiring to see the world through his eyes. His fearlessness and commitment are impressive, and his passion for his sport knows no bounds. In fact, he might inspire you so much that you’ll become hooked on climbing yourself. Isn’t the idea of facing life’s obstacles together on the side of a rock wall the most romantic thing ever?

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By the way, if you’ve already fallen head-over-heels for a climber, you’ll never have a hard time knowing just what to get him—or her—for birthdays or anniversaries. Next time he needs a new pair of climbing shoes, check out the awesome Altura.

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