How to Get Over the Climbing Gym Resetting Your Project

How to Get Over the Climbing Gym Resetting Your Project

The climbing gym reset your project; now what? It's easy to be discouraged about your climbing abilities or to simply be bummed out! It may not seem like it, but you learned a lot over the days/weeks of projecting. No, you didn't send. But that's okay! Sometimes, what we learn from failing trumps sending. 

It's Okay to Be Upset

You worked hard figuring out the beta, memorizing the movement, and finally felt like you could send your project. But, oh no! The climbing gym reset your project!

What now? Are you sad you didn't get to put all that effort into achieving your goal? Whatever you feel, the wrong thing to do is to take it out on the route setters. They're simply doing their job of keeping the gym updated with fresh sets.

It's okay to be upset that your project got reset. Instead of focusing on it, consider why you're upset and how you can move forward.

Remember That Climbing is Supposed to Be Fun!

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Too many climbers place their self-worth on what they achieve on the climbing wall. Remember the reason you started climbing in the first place. Sure, part of it may be the feeling of sending, but sending isn't the only part of climbing. It's actually a tiny part of it.

If you're feeling down, look around the gym for a newer climber or young kid simply enjoying themselves. They're not focused on only sending the climb; they're just there to have fun!

Reaching the finish is just the cherry on top.

Focus on the Small Victories

As you know, projecting is mostly failing. If we solely focus on sending, we'll have a tough time. You must be okay with failure to want to keep climbing. Why else would you subject yourself to suffering so much by projecting? You could climb all day below your limit and never fail, but you like challenging yourself!

Find the small victories in your project and celebrate them as they come. Unlocking a new beta sequence that got you even one move further is a victory to celebrate! By rewarding yourself and recognizing your small accomplishments, you realize that even though your project got reset, you learned more about yourself and your climbing abilities.

Reflect on What You Learned and Put it to Practice

Now that your project is gone, you can reflect on everything you learned when trying to send it. Did you realize that you need more endurance? Or that you need more flexibility? Maybe you need more shoulder strength?

Reflect on where your most significant weakness was when climbing your project and channel your energy into improving that area. As we discussed, climbing is mostly failing. Rather than focusing on what didn't work, prepare for your next project by focusing on ways to improve your climbing.

Find a New Project!

There are many silver linings to your project getting reset. Whether you focus on what you learned from it, reflect on how climbing felt when you first started, or remember that much of climbing is failing, you get to have a new objective.

It's time to find a new project! This is an exciting time! You get to put into practice everything you learned from your old project. Sure, you may find something in a different style than your previous one, but the skills you learned about yourself are transferable to all climbing.

Putting your self-worth into what you achieve on the climbing wall can leave you disappointed or insecure. Focusing your energy on a project is a great way to challenge yourself, but don't let it control your emotions. If you're feeling down about not sending, remember why you started climbing in the first place.

Projecting is mostly failing; that's why it feels so good when you finally send! The climbing gym reset your project, but they didn't reset your abilities. Use this time to work on weaknesses you found or put your energy into a new project. But remember that climbing is supposed to be fun!

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