Living the Dream: How to Make Money in Rock Climbing

Living the Dream: How to Make Money in Rock Climbing

Climbing is a global sport that’s seen an enormous leap in popularity.

25 million people around the world are now regularly climbing for sport.

That’s a lot of people donning a harness, chalking up their fingers, and finding the beta. It can get addictive quite quickly. Before you know it, you’re climbing ever harder routes and looking ahead for the next one.

After a while, being paid to climb around the world becomes the dream!

Have you fallen in love with the sport? Wondering how to make in money rock climbing?

Keep reading to find out.

How to Make Money in Rock Climbing in 5 Steps

Here are 5 ways to make your love of climbing pay.

1. Work in a Climbing Gym

This is one of the simplest ways to turn your climbing into money.

Climbing gyms are opening at a fast rate to match the growing popularity of the sport. They’re always looking for climbing enthusiasts to work there. You might be setting routes, working behind the desk, or in the café, and so on.

You get to spend time surrounded by climbers, perfecting your abilities. And you get paid!

2. Become a Climbing Photographer or Videographer

Have you seen Free Solo? How about Dawn Wall?

Sure, the climbing was insane in both climbing docu-films. But what about the videography? Weren’t you a little bit envious of the filmmakers and photographers who got to head along for the ride?

You could do the same! Try your hand at taking film and photos. You can earn good money selling both. Get good enough and you could even get invited to elite projects. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing and filming alongside the biggest names in the industry.

3. Become a Climbing Instructor

Climbing instructors work all over the world to support and guide newcomers into the sport.

You’ve worked hard to hone your skills. Now you get to help others do the same, and get paid for the privilege. Clientele will vary. You could be instructing rescue workers one day, then little children the next.

In terms of the downsides, you’ll probably have to get qualified and used to climbing the same routes over and over. Likewise, there’s always danger involved. Your clients might get hurt.

4. Become a Climbing Writer

Are you climber who happens to have a knack with words?

Why not become a climbing writer? These guys usually work for magazines and websites, covering all things climbing-related. Be the first to hear and write about all the climbing news, stories, gear, routes and beta.

You could even start your own blog. Develop a following, learn how to commercialize it, and you may earn yourself a front-row seat to the elite climbing world.

5. Turn Professional

The best climbers around the world make serious money from their craft.

Magazines, films, brands, and speaking events all pay hefty sums. These guys and girls get to tour the world in the best climbing spots, being paid every step of the way. But remember, they’re the best climbers in the world!

Have what it takes? Work hard, take risks, and be entirely committed to the cause. Establish a name for yourself, and who knows- you could be the next Alex Honnold.

Time to Get Climbing

There you have it: how to make money in rock climbing.

It’s more than possible to turn your climbing passion into a paycheck. You don’t have to be on the front page of Climbing Magazine to earn a living from it either.

Hopefully, the information here has given you some ideas on how to make your dream a reality. Love climbing? Need new gear? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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