Everything You Need to Know Before Joining a Rock Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing Fitness: Everything You Need to Know Before Joining a Rock Climbing Gym

 Did you know that about 4.6 million people in the United States participate in a rock climbing activity? Rock climbing has become a popular workout and sport because it builds strength and insurance without lifting weights.

If you’re ready for a new physical challenge and are considering rock climbing, you came to the right place.

Tips to Learn Before Joining a Rock Climbing Gym

1. Learn the Terms

As with anything new in your life that you want to take seriously, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms. If you become familiar with the lingo, your first day will go a lot smoother.

Instead of spending time going over the terms, your instructor will focus on your form and skills. If you walk into the gym and ask the instructor if you should “chalk up,” you will earn their respect.

Learning the lingo will also save you time when you have to complete the belay certification that most rock climbing gyms require.

2. Get the Gear

Before you join a rock climbing gym, it’s important you get the right gear. Many people know the importance of having a good harness, but the right shoes are just as important.

When you go shopping for rock climbing shoes, make sure you take your time picking the right shoes. You need to remember that although rock climbing shoes are meant to be tight if they’re too tight, you can cause injuries.

If your shoes cause pain when you climb, then you have the wrong footwear.

3. Grades Are Not Everything

Although most athletic people who take on the challenge of rock climbing want to jump on the highest grade, it’s important for them not to make this the focus.

The rock climbing grades range from class 1 to class 5 according to the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS.) Picture class 1 as hiking and class 5 as the ultimate climb.

Class 5 also gets divided into difficulty categories ranging from 5.0 to 5.15.

However, even if you’re in top shape, don’t expect to be able to climb a class 5.15 on your first day.

4. No Room for Egos

Even if you think you’re quite athletic, many people get humbled when they try rock climbing for the first time.

It’s important for people who are new to rock climbing to leave their egos at the door. Every person is different and should progress at their own pace. Rock climbing is not about what you can do on the first day; it’s about the progress you make over time.

5. Be Ready to Make Friends

Unlike lifting weights or jumping on the treadmill, rock climbing is a social activity. It’s not as fun to use the auto-belay as it is to have a trusted friend to encourage you when climbing.

Follow These Tips Before Joining a Rock Climbing Gym

Now that you know about these tips, it’s time you start your new sport and join a rock climbing gym. Remember to take the time to learn the lingo, get the right gear, be ready to make some friends, and leave your ego at the door.

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