The Pitch on Pitches: 4 Great Rock Climbing Magazines

The Pitch on Pitches: 4 Great Rock Climbing Magazines

You go to pick your child from one of their after-school clubs when they text you. It’s going to be another 30 minutes. It’s not worth it for you to drive back home but you’ve got nothing to do in the car while you wait.

Don’t you wish you had a magazine to read in times like this? A magazine that matches up with your interests. You want a rock climbing magazine.

There are quite a few great ones that you can subscribe to that will help curb your boredom. If you’re having issues picking, check out this guide to find out what some of the best ones are.

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1. Alpinist

Alpinist feels more like a literary magazine than anything else. It uses stories to put you in the heat of the action. It’s also a good one to go to if you want to learn more about the history of the sport.

The only snag is that this magazine only comes out four times a year. The stories will take you quite a while to get through so it’s unlikely that you’ll even notice the time gap.

2. Rock and Ice

Rock and Ice is more for advanced or intermediate climbers. You will need to have some knowledge of the sport to be able to understand it. This being said, there are still a lot of good how-to and training articles in this one.

The pieces are done in a variety of different styles so you’ll never feel like you’re reading the same thing over and over. The publishers of this magazine do another one called Ascent.

It’s a special issue that only comes out annually. Due to the fact that it only comes out once a year, the quality is outstanding. It’s worth it to subscribe if you’re not already subscribed to Rock and Ice.

3. Climbing

If you can’t really grasp Rock and Ice because you’re new at the sport, then you should try Climbing. It’s full of great advice and how tos for the new and weekend warrior type climbers.

It makes climbing feel more approachable so if you’re trying to get a friend to join in with you on the sport this is a good one to have them read too.

4. California Climbing

If you live in Califorinia then you can get this magazine for free in most all climbing gyms. If you don’t live in Califorina then you can subscribe to it for 15 dollars a year.

If you want to make sure that you’ll like it before you spend money on it then there are PDF samples of stories you can read online.

Find a Rock Climbing Magazine Worth Subscribing to

No matter how busy your day is there will always be a point in time where you are sitting and waiting on something. When that time comes you’ll want to have a rock climbing magazine in your hand to pass the time. Try out one of these great options.

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