The Top 5 Gifts for the Rock Climber Enthusiast in Your Life

The Top 5 Gifts for the Rock Climber Enthusiast in Your Life

Did you know that as of 2020, rock climbing will be added to the list of Olympic events? There have been smaller climbing events for decades, but it’s now officially considered an Olympic sport.

Rock climbing has exploded in popularity over the years, going from a niche activity to a common hobby worldwide. Chances are, you know someone who rock climbs, but if you’re unfamiliar with this form of recreation, beginning your research can feel like learning a foreign language.

Even worse—if you’re trying to learn quickly to find the perfect gifts for rock climbers, it can feel next to impossible. Well, we’re here to help with that!

We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for the climbing enthusiast in your life. Now stop the research and just keep on reading!

5 Best Gifts For Climbers 

1. National Parks Pass

National Parks pass is one of the best gifts you can get for a rock climber. This isn't your choice if you want to spend less than $25. But for less than $100, you can get your favorite rock climber an annual pass to every National Park in the country, plus a few bonus parks.

2. Belay Glasses

If you’re new to rock climbing, here’s a brief overview. There are often two people involved in climbing: the climber and the belayer. The climber climbs while the belayer holds the rope beneath them, controlling the tension on the rope and keeping the climber safe.

As you can imagine, keeping your neck at an extreme angle for long periods is quite painful.

That’s where belay glasses come in! Using reflection, belay glasses allow the belayer to keep a neutral neck position and keep an eye on the climber.

3. Rope Tarp

A rope tarp is a great yet often overlooked piece of equipment. It’s something you lay on the ground below the area you’ll be climbing so your rope has a place to rest that isn’t in the dirt.

Climbing ropes are incredibly strong but will wear down over time, especially if they aren’t treated with the highest care possible. In short, rope tarps protect rope, making it last longer and saving your climber money in the long run.

4. Hangboard/Training Board

Training boards, or hangboards, are excellent for training climbing muscles between actual climbs. Many of them come with several different sizes of grips, allowing the climber to build strength in their fingers and arms before their next adventure.

They’re exactly what they sound like—a board or smaller handle with grooves that you hang from using only your fingers.

5. Hand Repair Cream or Salve

You may be thinking, would any lotion work? And the answer is not. Lotion is designed to soften skin, which is the opposite of what a climber wants.

Hand repair cream or salve is made to heal wounds and moisturize without softening the calluses that naturally build up over time.

Climbers need calluses to protect the delicate skin on their hands from the rough, sharp rocks they’re climbing, so anything that works to remove them is not what you want.

The Perfect Gifts for Rock Climbers

You'll impress the climbing enthusiast with any of these gifts for rock climbers.

Consider gifting the hand salve or rope tarp if you're on a smaller budget. Either one would be a useful addition to any climber’s kit.

If you have more to work with, belay glasses are a great choice. And finally, if you’re looking for a gift for someone really special, splurging on a hangboard or a National Parks pass is sure to win a climber’s heart.

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