Top 5 Best Rock Climbing Places Outside the US

Top 5 Best Rock Climbing Places Outside the US

Between 4.7 million to 6.9 million people in the USA enjoy climbing and regularly participate in this sport.

But, for those in the States who have climbed their way across the country, where is left to climb? Luckily the world is a vast place.

Are you looking to take a rock climbing trip outside of the US? We have a few ideas for you.

Some of the best rock climbing places around the world

Railay Beach in Thailand

Looking for a location which offers many different opportunities for people of different levels? This is your perfect place.

You can only reach Railay Beach by boat which adds that element of exotic, far-away adventure. But, with all experiences, make sure you plan your trip and stay safe.

Bouldering over water with absolutely stunning views will be something you will be delighted that you left home for.

Your return ticket will likely beckon sooner than you’ve completed all the routes possible.

Kalymnos in Greece

Are you an aspiring climber who needs some inspiration? Visit Kalymnos during the annual climbing festival to watch professionals and active athletes climb.

The festival takes place in October. But, if you can’t make it to the festival, you can still expect fantastic sea views, fantastic limestone routes, and great weather.

Costa Blanca in Spain

It’s true that rock climbing opportunities in this country are practically limitless. However, Costa Blanca in the Alicante province of Spain is one of the best places to visit.

It is 200 km of coastline on the Mediterranean and stunning. At the end of a long day of climbing, order “dos cerveza, por favor” and enjoy the beautiful towns along the coast.

Todra Gorge in Morocco

Fly into Marrakech before hiring a car or taking a bus inland to Todra Gorge. The Gorge is one of the best-known places in the country for climbing.

This area is loved by locals and tourists alike. You’ll find around 400 climbs to enjoy and hot weather that lets you climb all year round.

Pembrokeshire in the United Kingdom

Not a fan of visiting countries and buying or borrowing climbing equipment where you can’t speak the language? This won’t be a problem in the UK.

Although Welsh is spoken in Wales, everyone speaks English so you won’t have a problem when securing the right equipment for the hundreds of routes along the coast.

Traveling to the cliffs you’ll be climbing will take your breath away and once you start your climb, you’ll be glad you left the States. But, expect rain! It’s the UK, after all.

Rock Climbing Places Outside the US are Worth a Visit

Although there are fantastic rock climbing places in the US, it’s sometimes worth heading outside the country for a new experience.

However, make sure you always have the right gear and are well prepared for your climb.

This may require doing extra research as you’ll need to learn the customs and laws of the country you’re visiting. As always, plan your route carefully.

Need extra help? Learn more about how to read a rock climbing route and more on our website.

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