The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Rock Climbers

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Rock Climbers

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to surprise your favorite rock climber with a sweet gift. And what climber isn't excited about new gear that they can wear to the gym, use for climbing, or use in training? To help make your life easier and guarantee a happy rock climber, we've put together the Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide! Keep reading to find out the perfect yet practical gifts for all rock climbers!


Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Rock Climbers

Smaller Gifts

1. Shoe Odor Absorbers

Okay, it’s not the sexiest gift idea to start with. But everyone knows rock climbing shoes can get stinky fast. And if they sit in your climbing bag, everything else absorbs the stink, too. Going out on a limb (but not too far out), we'll say that no climber wants stinky shoes and a climbing bag, so what's a better gift than to climbing shoe odor absorbers? They even come in some fun shapes and colors, like bananas or tie-dye colored balls. 


2. Water bottle

There is no such thing as too many water bottles, and there are very few things that climbers take more pride in than their stickered Nalgenes or Hydro Flask. Opt for a water bottle that’s at least 32oz, and either has a fun design or a neutral color that would look good with stickers on it. For extra brownie points, buy some fun vinyl stickers and throw them inside the water bottle for an additional gift and a lovely surprise for the climber you’re giving the V-day gift. 


3. Beanie

Valentine’s Day falls at the perfect time of year to gift a cute beanie to your special someone. Even if it’s just wearing it to and from the car and climbing gym, they’ll love the cute new accessory. It’s also a wonderful gift if they enjoy outdoor bouldering or climbing, as cold ears are never fun, but colder temperatures are great for sending.


4. Chalk sock

Even if the climber you’re getting a gift for uses loose chalk in their chalk bag/bucket, a chalk sock is usually a welcome addition. As they are more expensive than loose chalk, they likely wouldn’t buy it for themselves, but many climbers appreciate having one to grab when they reach into their bag to chalk up. If you want, buy them 2 or 3 so that they have a stock to last for a few months!


5. Chalk bag or chalk bucket

After a while, chalk bags can wear down, break, or get covered in dirt stains beyond what is worth cleaning. Many climbing gear brands make cute chalk bags in various shapes, colors, and patterns. You could also get them a chalk bucket, which also comes in a variety of colors and patterns. If they already have a suitable chalk bag but enjoy bouldering, then the chalk bucket will be a game changer and utilized for bouldering. 


6. Hair-ties

It's a classic but always needed and appreciated by climbers with long hair. Switch it up by buying a combination of different colors, thicknesses, and brands; add in some colorful scrunchies or claw clips, too, and they’ll love it!


Larger Gifts

1. Jacket or Sweatshirt

Whether climbing outside or heading to the rock climbing gym on a crisp afternoon, every climber appreciates a good jacket that they can layer over a t-shirt or tank top. REI, Patagonia, Kuhl, and The North Face are just a few brands with a wide selection of athletic jacket options that are great for layering. Also, many rock climbing gyms sell branded merchandise in the retail area. If the climber you're shopping for loves their local climbing gym, consider buying them a sweatshirt from their retail area or with the gym's logo! You'll be supporting locals and giving a gift they're guaranteed to wear. 


2. Portable Hangboard

Great for the climber who loves to take outdoor trips or add in training wherever possible. There are many options of portable hang boards on the market, and they come in various sizes. Some can even clamp to door frames, making it easy to put them up anywhere, while others need a carabiner or tree branch to loop them over.  


3. Gift card to an Athletic Clothing Store (Lulu Lemon, Athleta, REI, Prana)

There's nothing worse than getting an outfit that is super cute but doesn't fit. But, on the flip side, there's nothing better than getting to buy the outfit you've had your eye on for months. Gifting your favorite climber either a shopping trip to their favorite athletic wear store or a gift card is a guaranteed way to make them happy. They’ll appreciate the thought but be pleased that they get to pick out the exact pieces of clothing they want.


4. Yoga Mat

Most rock climbers will appreciate a high-quality yoga mat. Whether they frequent yoga classes offered at the gym or do at-home core and calisthenics workouts to supplement their training, having a good quality yoga mat makes those workouts more enjoyable. Using mats provided by the gym or a workout studio are often worn down and lower quality. Additionally, having a yoga mat is great because they can take it on outdoor climbing trips or when traveling!


Hopefully, these gift ideas are helpful, and you know the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to get for your special person this Valentine’s Day. Maybe even pick two or three smaller gifts from the list and put them in a basket to make the ultimate gift (i.e., beanie, water bottle, Shoe odor absorbers). Let us know if you end up buying one or more items from the list or if you have any other ultimate V-day gift suggestions below!