Choose Ben’s Next Adventure

Choose Ben’s Next Adventure

Climbing Magazine released an article on Butora Ambassador Ben Hanna this month. The story made us think about the many aspects of climbing that Ben is involved in, and what our community is most drawn to. It talks about his incredible flashes of routes like ‘Proper Soul’ 5.14a, ‘The Racist’ 5.13b, and his redpoint of ‘Coal Train’ 5.14a, after a 30-minute pre-viewing the day before.

It also mentions his redpoint of climbs like ‘Everything is Karate’ 5.14 c/d, and the hardest climb is his home state of New Mexico, ‘Helsinki’ 5.14 d.

Also, Ben spent some time with Brad Gobright putting up the epic 10-pitch trad line Dreefee’ 5.13d in an intense intro to placing gear!


While Ben certainly gets the job done outside sending sport routes, developing trad lines, and doing his fair share of route development from North Carolina to New Mexico in sport climbing, he also makes sure he is pushing himself in competition climbing.

Last year, he participated in USA Climbing’s Inaugural Bouldering National Cup Series, both Sport and Bouldering Open National events, the World Cup in Vail, and is heading to Europe this Summer to send some sport climbs and compete in more World Cup events.

Check out his full list of comps for the past year:


Vail World Cup – 67th


Come and Send It Fest– 3rd

Tuck Fest – 2nd

USA Boulder National – 8th

Lead Revival – 4th

Southern Grit – 4th

Yank N Yard – 3rd


Portland Boulder Rally

Youth World Championships – 36th

Arco – 57th

Psicobloc – 2nd

Battle for the Fort – 2nd


Shirtless Ben Hanna Climbing

What part of Ben’s climbing is most impressive? What is our climbing community most drawn to—is it flashing an epic climb in the footsteps of other greats like Chris Sharma? Is it redpointing a difficult climb in short order? Is it moving outside of your comfort zone into trad climbing working with another great climber like Brad Gobright? Or maybe it’s competing on the national circuit and developing lasting relationships with climbers like Nathaniel Coleman, Kyra Condie, and Zach Galla? Perhaps it is developing and sending the hardest climb in his home state of New Mexico?

Rock Climber Ben Hanna

Maybe it’s the combination of all of these?

We need your help! Let us know what most interests you in the comment below or submit an idea for your own adventure. Then help us decide where to send Ben next. The person who comes up with the best idea will WIN the opportunity to join Ben and 1 additional soon-to-be-named Butora Ambassador on their next adventure!!

As mentioned, Ben is now headed to Europe to team up with Kerry Scott who is already taking down climb after climb in the Ceuse mornings before the rains chase her back into town. To keep up with these climbers and their adventures this summer, please follow and share stories from these Instagram accounts: @hanna_smash, @kerryscott123 and @gajdaphotography.

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