Rock Climbing and Bouldering: Finding Your Niche

Rock Climbing and Bouldering: Finding Your Niche

Photo credit: Ross Fulkerson

Climbing was until recently a niche activity practiced by a few enthusiastic daredevils. And yet, now this niche sport has quickly become a worldwide sensation.

The sport has even become an Olympic competition. But, if you have only ever experienced bouldering, you may not know the potential benefits of the sport.

Check out why doing bouldering and outdoor climbing can allow you to enjoy the experience of both.

1. Get Physically Stronger and Fitter

Up to three-quarters of Americans don’t exercise enough. If you’re not getting a decent workout, your health could decline quickly.

So, when you’re thinking about which activity to do to get a full-body workout, don’t look any further than climbing.

Whether you’re solving little climbing puzzles bouldering indoors or struggling to reach new heights with ropes outdoors, you’re building strength.

There are few sports that give you the same variety of challenges. You’ll get fitter, stronger and healthier by doing bouldering and outdoor rock climbing.

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2. Convenient to do in Any Weather

There are numerous reasons why exercising during the cold winter or the rainy spring is difficult. You don’t want to go outdoors when it’s horrid weather.

But, one of the advantages of climbing is that you can do it whatever the weather. You can always go bouldering indoors when the weather is bad outdoors.

But, when the weather conditions are sunny and warm, there are few activities more fun than spending it rocking climbing.

3. Get Outdoors to be in Nature

Spending around 120 minutes outdoors is essential if you want to stay healthy. But, finding things to do in the natural world isn’t always possible.

You can quickly get tired of doing the same things over and over. Rock climbing provides you with a fun challenge to stay outdoors for longer.

4. Discover Amazing Destinations

Most Americans say that they want to travel more. But, sometimes choosing where to go traveling can be daunting.

You could decide where to go traveling dependent on where you can enjoy the best rocking climbing experiences. You’ll see some amazing destinations!

But, even if you want to go bouldering, there are so many cool and exciting indoor climbing centers popping up all over the world.

5. Meet New People All the Time

Physical activity isn’t only about the benefits for your health. But, enjoying the company of other people can also help.

When you go climbing with friends, you’ll also get plenty of opportunities to catch up and meet new people.

There is usually a strong climbing community where you can get involved in social events. You’ll never meet a greater bunch of people.

Rock Climbing VS Bouldering

If you were trying to decide whether to take up rocking climbing or bouldering, their answer is both. You can enjoy both activities!

Are you just starting bouldering indoors? Check out this blog post to discover which equipment you’ll need to get started!

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