Static vs. Dynamic Climbing

Static vs. Dynamic Climbing

When you hesitate, fear is growing, when you are acting, fear is dying. ~ Reinhold Messner

Static and dynamic movement are the two choices you have to make when the moment of hesitation arrives mid-climb. One of these options is better than the other, depending on your strengths and the climbing movement between you and success.

Hesitation is another option, and a great way to be unsuccessful. Thinking about things in the moment, that are best resolved before you pull on to a climb doesn’t typically result in another attempt at that climb. Your energy draining like the sand from an hourglass, while you stare dumbfounded at a move you don’t understand, seems to be a preferred way of working through the first attempts of routes and boulders.

Kerry Scott

In our comparison today we will show you how to do the same movements either statically or dynamically, successfully. The key to these movements is that they were done with focus and commitment. The choice that you make doesn’t necessarily have to be about being static or dynamic, but about being focused and committed.

The Showdown in the New River Gorge shows two climbers: Kerry Scott and Ben Hanna, with two dramatically different styles.

The easy way or the hard way
Strength and power, or finesse and focus
Slow and Fluid, or power and momentum
Slowly moving within balance, or toss yourself with reckless confidence
Swing, or hold your position
Keep feet, or cut feet

Ben Hanna

What is your preferred style?
Where did your style come from?
Have you ever tried to change your style? Were you successful?

It would be great to hear about your struggles and success working to improve dynamic climbing and static style, or your struggles with hesitation. Please share with us in the comment section below, and share with your dynamic, static or hesitant climbing partner.

Remember, when choosing to be dynamic or static……..hurry up!!


For more information on the climbers and photographer check them out on Instagram:

Ben Hanna @hanna_smash
Kerry Scott @kerryscott123
Daniel Gajda @gajdaphotography


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