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Butora Advance Left Side View
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The Butora Advance is an all-around climbing shoe, for both long gym sessions and long multiple pitch afternoons at the crag. This training shoe has so many bells and whistles that even the pros will have a pair for their long gym sessions. Here are some of the features that you can look forward to and find nowhere else at $79:

  • 4.0 mm Neo Rubber that gives you soft friction you can trust
  • Full-length ABS mid-sole to maintain structural integrity, and add to performance on small edges
  • Knit upper, for breathability, comfort on the skin, a light feel, and outstanding durability
  • Microfiber lining for comfort, treated with an anti-microbial spray to reduce odor for up to six months
  • Asymmetrical shape to compliment the true shape of the human foot for comfort and performance
  • Lacing with an outer sheet and inner Dyneema-like core for durability
  • Polyurethane strip around lacing to prevent tearing of upper material
  • Polyurethane strip extended over the toe box to maintain the shape of the shoe over time

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