Is it Safe to Buy Cheap Climbing Gear?

Is it Safe to Buy Cheap Climbing Gear?

Climbing is becoming an ever more popular sport with the recent Oscar win of Free Solo and the addition of climbing in the Olympics.

In fact, more than two million people have joined the sport since 2011. If you’re thinking of getting started with climbing as well, you need a place to start.

As a beginner, you need to know the lifespan of climbing gear and what climbing gear you should get. Try cheap climbing gear if you want to spend less.

Can You Get Away With Buying Cheap Climbing Gear?

The short answer to if it’s safe to buy cheap climbing gear? Yes. The long answer? Maybe.

Thrifting is Okay

When you’re shopping for cheap gear, looking at thrift and consignment stores is a safe route to take.

If you find climbing shoes there, great. If they’re your size and not too worn, then by all mean, give them a go.

However, if you find an old harness, skip it. If a piece of gear like a harness or a rope is too old, it won’t hold a fall. And that’s the most important thing that your climbing gear can do.

The Bare Minimum

The least amount of gear you can possibly get away with is a harness or a bouldering pad, shoes, and chalk. That’s if someone else already has a rope.

If you can find these items for relatively cheap, you don’t really need to invest in super expensive ones right away to remain safe during your climbs. General products will do just fine, and you don’t have to invest in the top-tier gear.

Don’t Buy This

You don’t want to skip out on a really good rope. If you had to choose one thing to pour the most money into, let it be your rope.

Especially if you’re not buying your rope new, be extremely cautious. There is no way to tell how the rope has been stored or if it’s already taken the beating of a lot of falls.

You also can’t tell the original color of the rope to prove that it hasn’t been damaged by UV rays. You’re better off buying a new rope where you know the history instead of trying to cut corners.

A used harness is another one to steer clear of, but you can buy a decent harness at a cheap price point at first. The same goes for helmets. 

Buy This

You can buy your clothes, shoes, crampons, chalk bags, and other gear like sleeping bags and tents used. But when you consider the stuff that’s going to be breaking your fall, you want to pay extra attention to ensure you’re going to be perfectly safe. Climbing isn’t a dangerous sport unless you don’t do it carefully.

Climb the Great Outdoors

Yeah, get out there and start climbing (or inside, because indoor climbing gyms are very popular too.) Whether you’re using cheap climbing gear or are a seasoned pro, if you’re looking for a deal, you can find it with Butora.

You’ll never get better at climbing by sitting on your butt. Get out there and traverse some rocks. Here are some tips for beginners.


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