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5 Must-Watch Climbing Movies You Might Have Missed
As the world of climbing grows, so does the amount of movies, books, and general media about rock climbing. We've compiled a list of our favorite climbing movies (in no particular order) that make for a great movie night. So grab your climbing partner and some popcorn, and dive in!
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How to Overcome the Fear of Falling
Climbing is scary—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Yes, climbing is a high-risk sport. But is it the act of climbing that is scary? It certainly seems to be if you suffer from a fear of heights. But if you dig a little deeper into this statement, most people will find that no, climbing is not scary. Falling is scary.
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International Climbers' Festival Photo Recap
Over the weekend of July 14th through 17th, the International Climbers’ Festival took place in Lander, Wyoming. This festival is where dozens of outdoor brands meet to host fun events for the local community of lander, as well as hundreds...
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